Aumaine Gruich

Regarding the Party

Did I get inopportunely blitzed? 

Slip from the room too soon? 

My cowboy boots dripped 

two brown spots on your stair. 

Best case my flannel seemed daring.

Or you pretended not to care. 

We tried each other on, 

but when your brainfog ate my legs, 

I returned to the rooftop for your friends. 

Their talk veered irreverent, a freaky chorus of preference. 

They ate knee-to-knee on the shag rug 

what they called a layer cake of woes

They burned an incense labeled money

I sat with a lone salamander on the stoop,

practiced my Mona Lisa in a puddle.

Someone asked where you were; 

I said gone. That I’d left you 

looking up epistemology online. 

Despite a certain lack of well-timed yawns,

in my truth-studded jacket 

I might yet survive. 



Author Bio

Aumaine Gruich has been published in interrupture and as a finalist in Ruminate Magazine’s 2016 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize. She is the recipient of a 2018 Chautauqua Writer’s center scholarship and reads poetry and creative non-fiction for Ninth Letter.