Jay Besemer


there are things i won’t be saying                things that will

never have a place to land                to take root      

& this is fine               or if not fine, then at least acknowledged


it isn’t the seed’s affair what the soil consists of        & ice is not earth                     

oil is not earth            or steel beams rusted


& the imaginary hand             that holds this pen 

to you is a certain & definite hand     yet it hardly exists

at all                you think an i is one thing all the time

that an i is also a mine & a history that never changes

there is a grove of trees all called i     continually falling

& sprouting up


i is a long con              a failed tree farm bought up as 

a tax dodge                                             & left to crowd itself to death

make a wish

ice beats in the body               a blood that

can’t sustain or nourish                       carrying nothing

but threat & information                     all blood is 

information                  but ice is just a scam of epic

takedown         a ponzi theory of wellness


sublimation leaves a scum of soot & chemical 

seasoning        the veins are brittle with additives

lay a hand on my arm & it rings         like the base

of a streetlamp tapped by a socket wrench


i open my mouth & a cloud of lottery tickets 

swirls out        around my head          make a wish

little one          little asphalt bone                    make a wish


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Author Bio

Jay Besemer is the author of numerous books and chapbooks, most recently The Ways of the Monster (forthcoming, KIN(D)/The Operating System, 2018). He was a finalist for the 2017 Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature. Jay tweets frequently @divinetailor and sometimes does things on Tumblr: http://jaybesemer.tumblr.com. He lives in Chicago. www.jaybesemer.net.