Rebecca Lehmann

Locker Room Talk

In one hand he held the pussy, and the pussy was moist.

With one hand he hooked the pussy. Did his chubby

hairy ring finger slip inside? Just for a second.

He was careful not to lose his wedding band

up there. Really the pussy should have been 

better tended. It stunk like old cod, alewives,

salmon, tuna, whitefish, rotten trout, small mouth

bass, a bucket of putrid lobsters, the bottom

of the Mariana Trench, gefilte fish, the skin

behind a dead woman’s ear. The pussy was 

such a miserable cunt. The pussy was a whore,

a slut, had clearly been finger-banged,

was common property, was hiding a wire              

coat hanger. The pussy was relaxing in a bathtub.

It was a little bit bloody. He knew what the pussy

was doing in there, and it was disgusting. 

Yes, there should be some punishment for the pussy.

He spanked the pussy. He dug his fingernails in.

He hadn’t even bothered to trim them.

He wanted to feel the pussy spasm in his hand,

like the heart of a rabbit bleeding out in the snow. 

The pussy was too hairy. Have some decency.

The pussy was a hot piece of ass. The pussy

was a ten. The pussy was a four. Look at that pussy.

Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that,

the pussy of our next president? The pussy walks

in front of him, you know? And when the pussy

walked in front of him, believe me, he wasn’t impressed.



Author Bio

Rebecca Lehmann is the author of the poetry collections Ringer, Winner of the Donald Hall Prize for Poetry from AWP and forthcoming from University of Pittsburgh Press in Fall 2019, and between the Crackups (Salt 2011). Her poems have been published in venues including Plougshares, Tin House, FENCE, and Prairie Schooner. She lives in Indiana.