Miles W. Griffis

Big Foot

Your blurry pics have me perturbed, sasquatch. Forgive me when I ask

for clarity, for recency, for too many whiskered bottom dwellers 


have swum into my pond. Alas, we meet for piñon gins after so many

woofs. Underneath the bar top I tug at the knots of your woolen thigh


I may not be on your playing field but I rarely trim either we bond

over our hirsute habituals; your beard, my dirty blonde ‘stache


we unsugared lumbersexuals brush mane against mane 

hoping the soft side of velcro sticks to the soft side of velcro.


Nothing catches. Minute hooks essential for adhesion, woebegone

I longed to be hunted and gathered by your misanthropy


But my bare-footed beau, you’ve vamoosed me for whiskerless

bucks awed by your warmth, your ability to twiddle fire.


Flint! Flint! Armfuls of tinder! Crack these embers to the high

pine tops, huck them skyward to their twinkling cousins!


I will follow the Northern, wish to reminisce without photographic 

evidence—for you have left big shoes for my next lover to fill.


The Bad Boys of Summer

I am a sucker for the charms of hummingbirds

Passing through our estival swells


Though I worry for the Rufous’ puny heart

Hundreds of flaps per second reckon


How many from Mexico to Alaska & back?

The rumours are not true: they do not


Hitch rides on the napes of Canadian geese

Of course, it would be cute if they did


But no, they bully: territorial bastards

Necks wreathed red & orange


Like baskets of plucked bell peppers

Feathers like scales confirming tiny dinosaurs


Still dart from jicama to rama del toro

Swooping in like the boy visiting from out of town


Taking little sips here and there of this and that

Then off to the next those flippant little fuckers.



Author Bio

Miles W. Griffis is a Los Angeles-based writer with bylines in Outside, W, Backpacker, The Advocate, and many others. He's published poetry in The Matador Review and in May 2016 he won the Adelaide Bender Reville Prize for Short Fiction. He is currently working on a collection titled Confetti Westerns.